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CIC Celebrates 32nd National Migrant Sunday

FMW Committee
Thursday, March 1, 2018

It has been 21 years since CIC-Cebu organized the Families of Migrant Workers (FMW) Committee to provide on-going spiritual and value formation for the families of migrant workers, to heighten awareness on the issues affecting their interests and to promote harmonious relationship between parents and their children. Most especially, FMW committee aims to be the support group that they need. In coordination with the Counseling and Testing Services,it annually celebrates the National Migrant Sunday in honor of all Overseas Filipino workers and their respective families. It is our primary goal to protect the value of every OFW family, against the negative forces that causes its destruction and instead, promote unity, peace and love within every family.

Last February 18, 2018 CIC celebrates the 32nd National Migrant Sunday with the theme “Welcoming, Protecting, Promoting and Integrating Migrants and Refugees”. It was a day with fun filled activities; The Eucharistic Celebration and parent-children session which focuses on the topics “Maintaining Love and Commitment, Financial Literacy and Self Expression” were the highlights of the event. Recreational Activities such as Zumba, Karaoke, Kiddie Pool Party, Salo-Salu and Raffle draw provided a relaxing and fun atmosphere for everyone.

In totality, this activity was a great avenue for cultivating familial relationship, spiritual growth and co-responsibility for the good of humanity and whole creation for a sustainable development which the institution advocates. As the legacy of the Families of Migrant Workers Committee continues, may we uphold the programs provided by the committee and celebrate the National Migrant Sunday to continuously develop the unity and love that binds us as one CIC family.


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