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Amistarde: La Tarde de Amistad y Divertido

Trixia Glenn Velez
Thursday, September 20, 2018

The warm sunlight of an August morning fell at certain angles in the vast space near the Senior High School building. The venue was already set for the activity being looked forward to by the students. At 8:30 a.m., the excitement which bottled the day before, was catered through the registration per section. It was the 11th of August, 2018, and that fateful day marked the date for the second annual celebration of the Amistarde. Commenced by the Guidance and Counseling Office last year, this event aims to ignite the spirit of camaraderie and Vincentian solidarity among the students. This word 'Amistarde' comes from its Spanish roots which means: 'An Afternoon of Friendship'.

The activity started with a beautifully orchestrated prayer led by selected students from the SHS department. The innovation was then followed by gleeful greetings from our emcees, Ms. Joyce Carmelle B. Flores and Mr. Francis Lee S. Montebon. Thereafter, a warm welcome address was given by Sr. Ma. Elisha Barraco, D.C., welcoming the students, faculty and staff. Then a lively and entertaining ice-breaker led by Mrs. Dara Hill B. Medillo followed shortly.

At 9:30, the students were introduced to Spanish-themed tributes for each of their groups. Pink, Yellow, Blue and Orange's A, B, C and D were from then on regarded as "tribus" and after a while, the area was packed by students with strips of cloth, hanging from a knot fixated on their limbs and foreheads, in varying colors mentions. This was followed by a brief session of "getting-to-know-each-other" activity, in which each group opted to choose someone worthy to be deemed of as their leaders. The tribus then utilized the limited amount of time allotted in formulating a 30-second presentation, engaging everyone in an antipasto of the fun that lies in the upcoming games and activities.

At 10:15, the ball started rolling with a game the hula-hoop game with a twist. The other games featured the thrill of passing the ball through the feet, without letting it touch the ground; and the fun of watching of two each of group's members seemingly imitating gymnast's moves. The last part of the tribu games was the blind volleyball game wherein tribes from A, B, C and D become one with their various colors and played as a group. At 11:45, the cooling down activity was conducted with a Zumba session by Mrs. Dara Hill B. Medillo. The activity ended with a prayer of thanksgiving, and the tribus spent a simple lunch with their groups.

The event was sealed with the final get-together that maximized the time to bond with new friends. The objectives of the occasion were indeed met in the best standards, as a final scenery that replayed in the minds when the word 'Amistarde' is heard, painted a beautiful picture if friends that were once strangers, now acquainted in unity as Christians and Vincentians.


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