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2017 River Clean up in Barangay Lahug

Green Team
Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Last December 2017, Saturday. The Grade 9 - Students, their respective advisers, some LAMPs and the Green Team had their River Clean up in Barangay Lahug.

The students and personnel cleaned the Lahug river located beyond the Sanson Road Extension, Lahug.

The Lahug river serves as a natural flood drain for the city of Cebu. It covers 8-5 km long with a basin area of 6.3 km2. With about 120 families living nearest to it’s waters.

The Grade 9 students cleaned its water banks and it’s trash filled waters with their gloves, masks and handy boots on.

Joining them were also some residents in Barangay Lahug. 4 students per class were assigned to interview the local residents about the Lahug River.

The hauled trash that filled 1 garbage truck was collected at the end of the clean up, with approximately 5-6 sacks of garbage collected from each of the Grade 9 Classes. The outreach activity was a complete success and was an answer to the call of Pope Francis’ encyclical: Laudato Si, on care for our common home.


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