General Objectives

The Basic Education Department that encompasses Nursery to Grade 12 (Pre-elementary, Elementary, Junior High and Senior High) is designed to help the child from the pre-school to high school stage of formal schooling acquire basic knowledge and understanding, develop basic skills and abilities needed for his/her formation towards becoming a fully functioning persons, a mature Filipino, a mature Catholic and mature Vincentian so he/she becomes true to his/her vocation and role in God's plan for creation and mankind. The program is also designed to help him/her widen and deepen these experiences as he/she goes from one stage of development to another.

The student's formation is achieved through the academic offerings and the support programs that provide for a wholesome environment that facilitates personalized and group opportunities for nationalistic, religious, service-oriented experiences to be enjoyed by the child in his/her formative years. This is also facilitated through the adoption of a unified and integrated scheme in its organizational structure and personnel, resource - both human and material, curriculum and evaluation.


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